Sharon Holburn



About the Author

Sharon Holburn

Sharon Holburn is a perfect example of how God can
take an individual who was on a merry-go-round of
neglect, abuse of all sorts, and set her free to fulfil the
plans He had for her life. Sharon is now a woman who is
empowered to minister to other women who are where
She once was. In doing so, she gives God the Glory for
what He has done in her life, having taken her from
being a survivor to being an overcomer.

About the Book


pathway to freedom

This book is a real testimony, it is one without apology,
one without shame, and is certainly one without

You will read how one woman appeared to be on a merry-go round of rejection, bondage, victimization, loneliness, and deep emotional pain.

Through God’s Mercy and Grace, she was brought into Life, Love, Wholeness and Purpose, enabling her to boldly declare things, as they once were and as they are now.

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